About Us

About Us

South East Queensland Animal Rescue (SEQAR) is a not for profit, small organisation that rescues and re-homes animals, since 2012.

All of our dogs, puppies, kittens and cats are desexed,had a round of vaccinations, are microchipped, wormed, flea treated and completely vet checked.
We rescue any animal in need, livestock, poultry and birds, reptiles or companion animals.

We ask for a small adoption fee for our animals, covering some of the costs of their care throughout their stay with us.

Most of our animals have come from situations such as neglect or abandonment (such as the pound etc), whilst others may be surrendered, for example.

Once they are in our care we ensure that they are given a good diet, veterinary care, exercise, training and rehabilitation necessary to ensure that they are ready for a new, loving, forever home.

Please remember that pets are a lifetime commitment; ensure that you are fully committed to the decision of sharing your home before finding a new furry friend.

Animals are not disposable.